Saturday, April 12, 2008

Introduction of the Rutledge Family

Since I will probably be putting the link to this blog in my message board siggys I thought I would introduce my family. I'll start with our newest addition, Brylee. Brylee was born in January. She is the cutest baby ever! She is still little I'll be surprised if her weight is in the double digits at her check up in a couple of weeks. Next is Christopher, Christopher is my very energetic 2 yr old. He loves to play outside and play with balls and cars. Chris runs on the small side also, he weighed just under 24 pounds at his 2 yr check up. My husband Benny is next in line. Benny is serving in the Air Force as a F-15 crew chief. He was born and bred in Tennessee and is 100% southern. He has a great personality and loves to sing and play his guitar. He also loves god and is a man of great faith. Finally me, I'm Charlene and I am currently a SAHM to my beautiful children. I am from Florida. I like to surf the message boards and watch the tele. I am currently taking online courses to become a teacher.

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Brylee in her dress

Brylee in her dress
So precious!!!